Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valley-Wide Chess Class

The Hemet Chess Club is offering a series of scholastic chess classes "CHESS FOR KIDS" at the Valley-Wide Recreational which start on Jan.28th. at 5pm to 7:30pm.
Marcos Sr.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Club Match Results (Hemet Wins)

1st Annual Club Match 1-16-2011

ChessPalace (click Here) for more information on So-Cal's Premiere Chess Club

Hemet Chess Club (13.5)............ ChessPalace (8.5)
Jeff Arnold 1.5(2399)vs Tianyi He 0.5 (2285)
Ken Arnold 2.0(2358) vs Sergey Yurenok 0.0(2164)
Charles Gelinas 1.5(2000) vs Randall Hough .5(2000)
Jorge Paz 1.5(1890) vs Kele Perkins 0.5(1751)
Bill Arnold 1.0(1854) vs Timothy Chou 1.0(1707)
Brian William Jose 2.0(1682) vs Sam Chou 0.0(1435)
Marcos Montes 1.5(1456) vs Joaquin Perkins 0.5(1393)
Lloyd Albano 2.0(1260) vs Joe Farina 0.0(1197)
Miguel Rangel 0.5(1078) vs Justin Hsu 1.5(1146)
Eli Rangel 0.0(726) vs Chance Paxton 2.0(825)
Dake Huang 0.0* vs Alan Loera 2.0 *

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Chess Palace Match 01/16/11

Chess Palace vs. Hemet Chess Club
I'm very excited about this event and so are our members. Our team roster is set and ready to play. Chess Palace is one of my favorite chess clubs to visit and play rated chess games. They also sale the lastest chess software and equipment.

Marcos Sr.