Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Honoring Our Past

    The Hemet Chess Club now meets at Marie Callender’s at 3969 W. Florida Avenue, Hemet, CA. 92545 on Sunday’s from 5-9pm. We hold G/25 +5sec delay tournaments and occasionally a blitz tourney.  I want to give a special thanks to Steve’s Burgers in Hemet for allowing us to play in their restaurant for several years.
    Our last chess tournament at Steve’s Burgers was held in honor of our 89 year old chess player, Paul Hinrichs. The tournament on 5-20-12, HCC VP-211-P-2 points to Paul’s World War II seaplane and the unit he served with. When Paul was younger, he served in the Navy on a VP-211 airplane that flew between the coasts of Africa/South America.  Paul is still a fighter on the chessboard! He has been with the Hemet Chess Club now for over 7 years. The Hemet Chess Club’s website is

Jeff Arnold

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